From the desk of the President:

As the President of the 2023 Fredericksburg Nationals Booster Club, I would like to personally thank each and everyone of you for making this season a complete and total success! There is no possible way to thank each and every person involved, but I will start by thanking a fantastic group of board members:

John Lambert – Vice President

Toni Bruffey – Secretary

Joanie Griffiths – Treasurer

At-Large members:

Todd Headington

Jeffery Sterner

The best group of people anyone could ask for. .

Second, I would like to thank Jake Lowery, our coach, for making himself and the players accessible to us, so we can complete the programs we do for them, as well as the club house staff for allowing us access and connections to the various needs we have.

Third, I would like to thank you staff and management of the Fredericksburg Nationals and the Virginia Credit Union Stadium for allowing us space, assistance and logistics for our various fundraisers. We could not ask for more from this group!



To those who were there, the 2023 Meet The Player banquet was an absolute success! This year, with 191 attendees, we had the largest turn out to date !!! The guests were allowed to mingle around and talk to their favorite player, chat with the coaches and enjoy a fantastic buffet provided by the great staff of the Fredericksburg Expo Center! Special thanks go out to coach Jake Lowery for adjusting the practice schedule to allow ALL 30 players, as well as the coachs and staff to attend.

To stay in line with the Booster Club values of, “giving to the players”, we had a players raffle, a 50-50 raffle (won by our VP, John Lambert, who then donated ALL of that money to the player raffle}, and a silent auction. The players raffle allowed us to return ALL the funds back to the players. I am proud to say we gave back just under $2,500 to the players!!!!

We had a special guest for the night, as team owner Art Silber traveled up from West Palm Beach to attend. What a great man !! We are lucky to have the Silber family bring baseball to Fredericksburg.

“Get Away” Meal Program

The “get away” meal program has been a tremendous success this season. Special thanks to all the “fan sponsors” who donate to this program. We provide 80 biscuits to give to the players and coaches (40 chicken biscuits, 20 Bacon/Egg/Cheese and 20 Sausage/Egg and Cheese) from Chick-fil-A along with orange juice and apple juice as they board the bus for each away road trip! Thank you Chick-fil-A

Player Birthdays

In the past tradition of the FredNats Booster Club, each player, and now each coach as well, receives a birthday gift. After a player poll, each player receives a $25 gift card, and thanks to the fantastic generosity of Texas RoadHouse, each player and coach gets one free entre from Texas RoadHouse on Plank Rd Fredricksburg Va.

Spirit Night at Texas RoadHouse

This is new to 2023, but we are asking each and everyone of you to “Dine Out” on Monday June 12th, to the Texas RoadHouse, at 3940 Plank Rd Fredericksburg, Va.

Capture, print or screen shot this flyer and show it to your server, and Texas RoadHouse will donate 10% of your bill to the FredNats Booster Club. Amanda Holloway, thank you so much for your tremendous generosity


Finally, I would like to thank Mr Nick Hall for everything he has done for the booster club, the fans of the FredNats and the stadium in general. Nick, good luck in St Louis You will be missed by ALL. Thank you very much!